Thank you to our entire school community for your patience, resilience and support in what has
been an incredibly challenging term. The impact of COVID-19 on school routines and
expectations has been massive. Collaboration between parents/caregivers and staff around
daily pick-up/drop-off routines, communication and important wellbeing initiatives has been
incredible and we need this to continue.

The professionalism of our teachers and SSOs cannot be understated. Their commitment has
been duly acknowledged by the leadership team and many community members. To those
families that have gone out of their way to show their appreciation to school staff, we say thank
you. Your positivity and encouragement has helped us maintain moral, which has in turn
benefited all students in our care.

Our students finish their school term today. There will be no learning set by teachers for the four
pupil free days next week. Staff will be working to plan and prepare learning that will be
delivered at school and home in Term 2. The focus will be on establishing consistent schoolhome
communication via Seesaw, with further information to be provided as soon as possible.

Wishing all students and families the best of health over the coming weeks.

Kind regards,
Josh Vick