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We believe that there is a strong connection between wellbeing and learning and when the students at our school have good wellbeing, they are both engaged and successful. We are committed to building relationships and providing an environment that is safe and supportive. At Greenwith Primary we strive to ensure our students experience a sense of belonging and feel connected to the school community.

Promoting a family-school partnership is of great importance and we believe is built on respect and reciprocal relationships. A meaningful partnership between school and home provides consistency and ensures we build a shared understanding of a student’s strengths, abilities and wellbeing.

Our staff incorporate the Wellbeing for Learning and Life Framework to build resilience and wellbeing in our young people.

In Term 2 the students in Years 4-6 undertake the Wellbeing and Engagement Collection (WEC), which is a survey that asks our students how they feel about their experiences both at school and away from school. The questions relate to wellbeing, health and academic achievement and assist us to understand how our students are feeling and how we can support them.

To ensure our students are represented we have a Student Wellbeing Focus Group which meets regularly in Terms 2-4 and has representatives from all classes in Years 3-6. Using our Wellbeing diaries, the students plan activities that they can implement with their own class along with their younger buddy class.

As part of our Wellbeing focus our staff ensure that both neurodivergent and neurotypical students are catered for. Our students are supported through the development of self-regulation, access to sensory tools, mindfulness tasks, incorporating quiet corners, break times, differentiation, and a strength-based approach.

Breakfast Club

Greenwith Primary and Our Lady of Hope together provide a Breakfast Club every Wednesday morning in the OLOH Parish Centre. Students from both schools are welcome to enjoy a breakfast before school which is provided free of charge with all the food donated through Kickstart for Kids. The Breakfast club runs from 8.15 am – 8.35 am.

Autism Inclusion Role

In 2023 every Public Primary school in South Australia was appointed an Autism Inclusion Teacher. This role provides support to fellow educators looking at the best ways to support and educate students with autism.

Our Autism Inclusion Teacher (AIT) at Greenwith, will support our students with autism to have the best start to their schooling. The department will monitor the outcomes of the Autism Inclusion Teacher initiative to inform any future expansion of the role.

You will find regularly updates from our AIT in the newsletter, sharing practical ideas and information for families living with a student with Autism.