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Volunteers play an integral part in supporting the school community at Greenwith Primary School and enriching the lives of our students.  We believe that volunteers bring differing levels of expertise and life skills and provide a broad knowledge base for children and young people to benefit from. They come from a range of backgrounds that reflect the diversity in the wider community.

There are many areas parents/caregivers and family members can volunteer within the school, including:-

  • Governing Council and Subcommittees
  • Parents & Friends
  • Canteen
  • Resource Centre
  • Classroom Support
  • Fundraising
  • Excursions & Camps
  • Sporting & SAPSASA

Volunteer Training Sessions are run every term and include a school induction training session, a Responding to Abuse and Neglect induction online training course and a WWCC Screening.

Governing Council

At Greenwith Primary School parents and other community members take great pride and interest in the successes of the school.  Our Governing Council are passionate and highly motivated and help to monitor the direction of the school.  Members of the Governing Council meet twice a term and works in conjunction with the Principal and Leadership team, taking into account the needs and expectations of the school community. Parents are elected to the Council at an Annual General Meeting held in the first term each year.


The following committees meet regularly to plan and support school programs.

  • Finance Advisory Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Canteen Committee
  • Parents’ & Friends’

Working parties are formed for short periods of time to organise special events and projects.