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Schools Fees – Materials & Service Charges

Materials and Services Fees (M&S Charges) for the school year are charged at a prescribed sum per student each year. Current fees are available below:

Fee Schedule 2024

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Fee Schedule Information

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Payment Methods


Get the Qkr App on your phone
  • Step 1: Download Qkr! On your phone or tablet
  • Step 2: Register.
  • Step 3: Find our School. Search for Greenwith Primary School.
  • Step 4: Register your children.

Payments by instalments

Payment by instalments is available to all families. Parents/caregivers are able to authorise our school to process ongoing payments to pay for school fees and invoices as agreed under a ‘Payment Plan’. These payments may be scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  Please phone the Business Manager on 8289 8100 or email dl.1858.finance@schools.sa.edu.au, if you require any assistance or need to make changes to an existing plan.

Payment Plan Application

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School card assistance

School card applications must be completed online by following the link below. You must complete a new application each school year. While your application is being assessed you will still receive invoices and statements. You will be notified of the outcome by The School card Unit. Once your application is approved we will apply a credit and you can disregard the invoice. If your application is not approved you will need to pay the invoice by the due date.

Applications for School Card (Government Assistance)

Link to SA GOV website