For students F-7 the Australian Curriculum is the mandated curriculum.

The Australian Curriculum is designed to teach students what it takes to be confident and creative individuals and become active and informed citizens. It sets the goal for what all students should learn as they progress through their school life – wherever they live in Australia and whatever school they attend.

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Inquiry Based Learning / iTime

Greenwith Primary School has a strong and developing focus on Inquiry Based Learning.

Inquiry skills are embedded in the Australian Curriculum.

The aims of an Inquiry learning approach are to:

  • Develop the students’ ability to pose questions and plan, research, investigate and search for answers and solutions.
  • Develop the skills needed to convert information and answers into useful knowledge that can be applied to new situations and prompt further learning.
  • Provide students with different ways of viewing the world, communicating about it and successfully coping with the questions and issues of daily living.
  • Develop an understanding that all knowledge changes over time as people challenge, shape and contribute to it.
  • Demonstrate that there are often multiple perspectives for looking at, analysing and understanding things.
  • Provide learning opportunities that are more relevant as concepts are learned in context and relate to existing knowledge and experiences.
  • Encourage students to become independent, resourceful and responsible learners

Our students are supported to develop the skills of questioning, research, communication, and social and self-management. Each student can progress and build on their skills and unique abilities and enjoy the world of learning. Students are taught to critically examine the information they are presented with and collaborate with others to work in teams and independently. Students are also encouraged to be resilient when solving problems and to face challenges using a “Growth Mindset”.

Core programs / focus:

  • Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar
  • THE BIG SIX (oral language, Phonological awareness, letter sound relationships, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension)
  • Modelled, Shared and Guided reading
  • Comprehension strategies (making connections, questioning, inferring, visualising, determining importance, summarising and synthesising)
  • Back-to-front maths
Child Protection curriculum.

Specialist Teaching

We provide specialist programmes and assistance which include:

  • Japanese,
  • Science (including the teaching of the Australian Primary Connections Science curriculum),
  • The Arts – Visual, Media, Drama, Music, Dance
  • Physical Education

Intervention Programs

  • MiniLit
  • MacqLit
  • Quicksmart
  • Grasshoppers
Extra Curriculum
  • PALs – Play at Lunchtime mentor program
  • Student Voice
  • KIC (Kids in Community)
  • Choir
Play is the Way

We explicitly teach the ‘Play is the Way’ which is a practical methodology for teaching social and emotional skills through guided play, classroom activities and an empowering language.

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