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School Payments

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Click Here For Payments

Any fees may be paid including School fees, Excursions, Uniforms and any incidental costs.
One Off Payments Only.
How to process a payment:
  1. Click on the “Online Payment Option”
  2. Enter your family Id (from the School Invoice or Statement)
  3. Enter your Family Name
  4. Enter the description or invoice no. for the payment
  5. Enter the amount of the payment
  6. Click on the icon matching your card type (MasterCard or Visa)
  7. Enter your credit card number
  8. Enter the credit card expiry date
  9. Enter the Card Verification Number/CVN (i.e. the 3 digit code on the reverse of your credit card)
  10. Click on the Proceed Button
  11. After 3 to 5 seconds your payment will be processed and the receipt information will be displayed
  12. Either click the print view or enter your email address and click send email to get a copy of your receipt
  13. You can now exit the payment page

Payment Plan

Direct Debit 'Ongoing' SCHOOL payment registration link
One Off Payments Only.

Parents/caregivers are able to authorise our school to process ongoing payments to pay for school fees and invoices as agreed under a 'Payment Plan'.

These payments may be scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Please email the Business Manager to notify of plan;

Please phone the Business Manager on 82898100, if you require any assistance or need to make changes to an existing plan.