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Students in year levels 5,6 and 7 will be using chromebooks and Google Suite for Education. A BYOD Program is being offered to parents to purchase a chromebook from the school's BYOD portal. Chromebooks allow students to have instant access to their files and the school apps & printers via their school google id.

BYOD Devices are to be used in the classroom and under the instruction and supervision of the classroom teacher. All Students wishing to bring their own device must agree to and sign The BYOD policy.

If you would like to buy your child a suitable device then visit our BYOD portal. Greenwith Primary School will only accept a BYOD device purchased via the portal. Please scroll down for more information including some frequently asked questions.

All devices purchased from the portal have the benefit of

How to log onto portal

Portal address:
Registration Key Code: greenwithps

To Register and get access to the Greenwith Primary School, Chromebook Purchase Portal, please follow these steps;

  1. Open your internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox etc) then type the Portal address: into your internet browser and press ‘Enter’
  2. You will arrive at the Greenwith Primary School Laptop Portal - Login Page. If this is the first time you’ve visited the Portal, ‘click’ the word Register (*located just under the password field on the login page)
  3. You will then be taken to the Create an Account page
  4. Complete all fields with your own details, making sure to remember the Email Address and Password entered, as these details are used to access to Portal in future
  5. The Registration Key Code is: greenwithps
  6. Once all information has been provided, ‘click’ the Submit button
  7. Your registration is now complete, you will then enter the Portal and may view all the products available (An email will also get sent to the email address you provided when you Created your Account)

Devices offered on the Portal

Lenovo N23 Chromebook
11.6" HD non touch Display
Dual Core Celeron Processor
4GB of RAM
choice of 16gb or 32gb storage
Weighs just 1.35kg
Long life battery
Lenovo N23 Yoga Chromebook
11.6" HD touch Display
Quad Core Celeron Processor
4GB of RAM
32gb storage
Weighs less than 1.5kg
Flexible 360 degree hinge
Long life battery
Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook
13.3" HD Antiglare non touch display
Dual Core Celeron Processor
4GB of RAM
16gb storage
Starting at 1.45kg
Long life battery

BYOD FAQ - updated 13/12/2017

Can I use my existing laptop

No. Only devices purchased via the portal and enrolled for device management can be used at school. You can use a school supplied device at school and your personal one at home, as long as it runs google chrome.

Is BYOD compulsory

No. You are not obligated to purchase your own device. The school will provide an entry level chromebook to students (in years 5,6,7) who do not have their own device. Over time we look to introduce BYOD to other year levels.

Do I need to accept the ICT Acceptable Use Policy before using a chromebook at school?

Yes. All students must agree to and sign the ICT Acceptable Use Policy before using any ICT device or network at school. Furthermore students will revisit how to be a responsible digital citizen on a regular basis.

How and when will we receive our chromebook?

As soon as the device is delivered to the school, School ICT will set it up, dispose of any extra packaging, and deliver the device with bag (if purchased) to your child's class within the Next business day. Devices purchased within the holiday breaks, will be made available the following term.

I already have a google account can i use it

No. At school students must always use their Greenwith account. This is to keep a consistent learning environment, app deployment, access to school files and printers.
At home you may use either account on your chromebook, but the Greenwith account is the only one with access to school files and apps.

Can I use a chromebook without the internet

Yes. You can put your personal chromebook into offline mode. (ICT/teachers will show your child how). This allows you to keep a copy of the most commonly accessed docs, sheets and slides onto your computer.

Will I need any antivirus software

No. Chromebooks are virtually impossible to infect with any virus or malware. User management controls which extensions and apps are installed on the device, thus only software used by the school is used.

Can I run Windows Software on a Chromebook?

No. Chromebooks will only run web based or chrome software. Windows software can not be loaded.

What are the benefits of my chromebook being enrolled into Gsuite

How will school ICT support my chromebook

Can I charge my device at school?

No. All BYOD devices need to be fully charged before school. You cannot charge your device at school.

My child requires the use of special software which chromebooks may not support

The school will work with you in finding the relevant software that is compatible with chromebooks. Technology is continually evolving and new options are made available. If there is absolutely no possibility then we will organise the use of another device. We do ask that you try any software options we suggest.

Any further questions please contact the school.